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How we operate our HR Outsourcing Services in Thailand

Our HR Outsourcing service is designed for clients who require all of part of their workforce to be outsourced. The objective of Human Resources Outsourcing is to improve efficiency of the recruitment process as well as the ability of the workforce, to ultimately increase productivity and profits. In order to do this successfully, we focus on providing continuity of service and consistent high quality, whilst taking full responsibility for performance. As HR managers we take on the duty of forming and implementing strategy and hold ourselves accountable if the level of quality is insufficient or inconsistent. With these responsibilities off your hands, your business is free to concentrate on other necessary goals outside of the HR department.


In addition to developing a more productive workforce, PRTR's HR outsourcing service provides further cost savings for your business. In the short term you'll benefit from a reduced number of staff required to administer payroll and manage HR functions and in the long run, the reduction in office space and associated equipment, and management need to coordinate staff, will add even more savings to your annual expenditure. PRTR introduced our HR Outsourcing service in 2002, and have since assisted many satisfied businesses in their search for talented individuals to complement their team.